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Well we all know that nothing in life is free, but in the alarm business this is a marketing term used to describe a basic security system that is marketed as free.  The reason it is free is because we(like other companies) charge a higher rate for 24 hour monitoring than a standard purchased security system.  The higher rate and 36 month contract ensures that we both profit from our mutual relationship and we can stay in business.  The system is limited but can meet the needs of a homeowner or business owner who just wants basic protection. 

Our free alarm system consists of the following items:

  • 1    Digital Control/Communicator
  • 1    LED Keypad
  • 1    Battery Backup
  • 1    Telephone Interface
  • 1    Power Supply
  • 1    Siren
  • 3    Doors Magnetically Contacted
  • 1    Motion Detector
  • 1    Police, Fire, & Medical Panic Buttons
  • 2    Yard Signs
  • 1    Window Decals as Needed
  • 1    Installation

The equipment is the same state of the art equipment that we use on our systems with more extensive coverage, but it is limited in its expandability.  The system is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week(see 24 Hour Monitoring).  The only requirements are that we must monitor the system, you must own your own home, and meet some basic credit requirements. 

You can add additional protection like additional doors, motion detectors, glassbreak detectors, and fire protection.  The addition of these items will be charged up front at the time of installation.

We install a large number of these "free" security systems and they meet the need of many home and business owners, but it may not meet your needs.  Please contact us and we can discuss your personal needs because every home and business and desired protection level is different.  See our section on "burglar alarms" for more information on security systems with more extensive coverage.


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