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24 Hour Monitoring

           The staff of highly trained professionals at our central station will respond immediately to dispatch police, fire, or medical authorities, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  After the proper authorities have been notified, our staff will call a notification list of your choosing to notify them that you have had an alarm. These people may include you at work, a friend, neighbor, or relative.  For a business, this will usually include a manager or owners home, cell phone, or pager.

Non-Supervised Opening and Closing Reports

       By assigning your employees different codes, a manager or owner can track the arming and disarming of the security system(or opening and closing of the business).  This is useful to ensure that the employees are opening and closing the business at the proper times.  It will also inform the manager or owner if an employee is entering the business at odd hours.  This information can aid in loss prevention attributed to employees.  The opening/closing reports are available weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  They will include the time and date of every opening(disarming) and closing(arming) of the security system.  Further, it will also include the name of the person that opened or closed.  Generally, you do not inform your employees that you are receiving this report.

Supervised Opening and Closing Reports

      Supervised opening and closing reports are the same as opening and closing reports except for a few additions.  With a supervised opening and closing report, we will set up time windows for when the business should be opened and closed(security system disarmed or armed).  We will notify a responsible party(given to us by the business owner/manager) if the system is armed or disarmed outside of the respective windows of time.  This will ensure that the business is opened and security system disarmed, or that the business is closed and security system armed inside of the proper windows of time.  This will aid in the following:

  • Ensuring that the busness is opened and closed on time.
  • Ensuring that the last employee out arms the security system.
  • Notification to owner/manager upon disarming and arming at times not     typical of the established windows of time to aid of loss prevention due to employees.

Monitoring Rates

         Our monitoring and opening/closing report rates vary with the type and size of system to be monitored and are very competitive.  We also give free monitoring for a referring a friend or business associate.  If you refer someone to us and they buy a system or switch to our monitoring service, we will give you a credit for three months of monitoring.  Call us today 1-800-240-1717 or e-mail us and we will give you a price quote. We can probably save you money while increasing your level of service. 


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